Jefferson Justice
businesscard214businesscard214backThis customer approached me with an interesting challenge to create a logo which included Lady Justice and some elements of the State of Jefferson flag. After some back and forth, we opted not to include Lady Justice, just her balance. This was the final version of the logo, which we then added to a business cards. We opted for a double-side card with the backside green.

Mount Shasta Pastry

MtShastaPastryBCoulines-front1-300A streetside Parisian theme was the goal of this logo, which we also incorporated into a website, signage in the store, as well as the business card seen here. We opted to print it  with a french blue on the back.
Blue Background

Uber Healthy
It was fun developing this logo and tagline for a website I was working on with and for  my sister Cicily. She is passionate about health, sustainability and alternative healing, and really knows what she is talking about. 

 AV Productions

Av Productions Logobusinesscard-outlines-front